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English summary

Britse vlagWhat does AVES mean?

Aves means (Amsterdam) Accordion Association "Own Style". AVES is not a virtuoso orchestra which plays the most difficult pieces in many even more difficult parts and voices. For us playing nice and popular music and entertaining our audience is priority. For the most part our repertoire contains pieces that almost everyone in Amsterdam knows by heart, can sing or hum: Songs about Amsterdam, operetta melodies, french musettes, evergreens, etc. We rehearse every Mondayevening from 7 till 10 pm in SBO School 'De Kans', Thomas van Aquinostraat 2, 1064 NE Amsterdam.


Brief history.

AVES was founded on February 12, 1986 as Accordion Associanton Osdorp. That name indicated that it was located in the western part of Amsterdam, called Osdorp. After a beginning with a handful of members, rehearsing in a livingroom of the chairman, AVES changed his name and grew to app. 30 members. Feel free to visit one of our rehearsels or concerts. Coffee and tea are always fresh.

Henk Mulder
Henk Mulder

Henk Mulder, conductor.

Henk Mulder was 9 years old when he started to make music at the Batavia Drumband in the eastern part of Amsterdam. When he was 18 years he joined the army (he was drafted) for 18 months. He bacame a member of the Trumpet Corps of the Royal Military Police. After this period Henk applied for a job at the Amsterdam policeforce in order to join the professional Amsterdam Police Band. After some years on duty as a policeman, he succeeded in reaching his goal. During this period Henk graduated in music and became an instructor for the Amsterdam Tramway Harmonic Orcherstra and Drumfanfare Gibraltar. Henk became also a good friend of the accordion and had his first lessons at AVES. After a change of conductors, Henk was asked for the job. Henk gladly accepted and AVES is proud to have all those years such a dedicated leader. And also our regards to his dedicated wife Wanda.